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Benefits of Impact Sourcing


Our people benefit from skills development, economic opportunities and social progress, enabling more long-term sustainable development.


Wider communities thrive thanks to an influx of capital while valuable skillsets attract more employers and investment prospects.


Our clients reap the rewards of an outsourced model that combines tangible value with responsible and ESG focussed employment practices.

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Creating Opportunities with Impact Sourcing

Impact sourcing uplifts people and communities facing limited economic opportunities.

It has many guises. Impact sourcing can involve bringing jobs to socio-economically disadvantaged communities, such as rural regions and developing areas, or creating employment for marginalized groups like veterans, single parents and neurodivergent individuals.

We’re listed among Impact Sourcing Specialists in Impact Sourcing State of the Market Report 2023, Everest Group, 2023.

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Impact sourcing at ADEC Innovations

At ADEC Innovations, we have a long history of creating employment opportunities for remote and underprivileged communities offshore and onshore.

As an outsourced service provider, solutions offered by ADEC Workforce are designed to help our clients practice impact sourcing. With successful initiatives in Kenya and the Philippines, we continually strive to broaden our and our client’s social impact and create a positive ripple effect.

In 2024 we launched our Kenya operation to provide employment opportunities to individuals in rural areas outside the city of Nairobi. Sourcing projects from across the globe, ADEC Kenya empowers deserving individuals by equipping them with a strong skill set and long-term career prospects.

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Measurable Impact for People and Clients


Monthly attrition


SLA achievement


Employees from rural or under developed areas


Females in the workforce

"Working for ADEC Workforce, here in Kenya, has changed my life so much. Being a young mother, I had to provide for my daughter. And being the first-born in our family, I had to help my parents educate my siblings and provide for them in their daily needs."
Jillian Mbonaneri Maronda, Business Process Analyst, ADEC Kenya

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