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Established in 1994 in the New York State area, our USA operation delivers services and solutions as part of ADEC Workforce. Leveraging over 30 years of group experience, ADEC USA provides industry-leading business process outsourcing (BPO), data processing, document management and assurance solutions. 

We help organizations across industries – education, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, legal, mortgage, banking & finance and more – streamline operations and manage costs effectively.

Our services are underpinned by impact sourcing initiatives, creating employment for disadvantaged individuals in the USA and globally.  

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Our USA operation supports a range of outsourcing services delivered by ADEC Workforce.

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Practicing International Standards

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Explore all accreditations, certifications and standards practised at ADEC Workforce.

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Meet ADEC USA Team

Anthony A. Catajan photo
Anthony A. Catajan
General Manger
Niem D. Tash photo
Niem D. Tash
Assistant General Manager
Gizelle Niggli photo
Gizelle Niggli
Human Resources Manager
Marisel Arbolente photo
Marisel Arbolente
Vice President of Finance
Charlie Currier photo
Charlie Currier
Director of Innovations & Client Engagement
Brigitte M. Berry photo
Brigitte M. Berry
Operations Manager
Amanda Bennett photo
Amanda Bennett
Production Manager
Cathy Todd photo
Cathy Todd
Customer Service Manager
Anastacio Quiambao photo
Anastacio Quiambao
Facilities Manager
Dan Talcott photo
Dan Talcott
IT Services Manager

Workforce Highlights


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Goal to fill senior roles internally

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Our Employees Benefit From

  • Company paid life insurance
  • Training and development
  • Generous benefits  
  • Collaborative environment
  • Deep industry expertise 
  • Renowned business leadership
  • Purpose-driven workplace

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What our People Say

What our People Say

"I feel like a success and winner working here because I am able to do my job knowing everything that I am supposed to be doing… I also feel like everybody is working together here as a team."
Associate, ADEC USA
"I love working from home. It’s hard to balance parenthood with a full time job but it is necessary. Working from home allows that to balance out much more evenly."
Home Working Associate, ADEC USA
"I feel good about the job I do every day, being a team player and striving to always work to the best of my abilities."
Project Manager, ADEC USA
"It's nice being around people that are quick and willing to help answer questions even while we are waiting for an official response on the topic at hand."
Team Manager, ADEC USA

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10 Monument Street
Deposit, NY 13754


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